Event Map

The Event is located at 100 Brewer Way (Brewer Park)

Co-operators Casting Pond

  • Accuracy contest: Participants age 12+ will use their own rods. Points are given based on targets hit. Highest score wins prize.

ReviewSource.ca Field

  • Buskers
  • Air-inflated games
  • Balloon tying clowns
  • Elliot Smith Magician
  • Amusement Attractions

Angels of Hope Shoreline

  • Festival fishing is restricted to this shoreline only

The Ottawa Sun Field

  • Fish golf (prizes awarded to the best 20 scores) Participants are restricted to ages 12+
  • Kid’s martial art demonstration
  • Seafood cooking courses
  • Fishing rod/ bait station
  • “Big Jim” McLaughlin
  • Vendors/ Exhibitors
  • Special Guest: Elvis
  • Boat Safety course
  • Fishing Seminars
  • Bouncy castles
  • Minnow race
  • Registration
  • Netball